Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Ontario Independence League

Copied from the Wayback Machine. The site is gone, since at least 2009. At the moment none of the other pages are showing up. I guess if they aren't now they won;t be making an appearance at all. The idea was about Ontario becoming its own nation. What do you think about the ideas of The Ontario Independence League?
Established 12/2/96

Coat of Arms of the Dominion of Ontario

Ontario Independence League Homepage

My fellow Ontarians, the time has come when we must recognize the truth and abandon thedelusions that we have laboured under for so long, our beloved country, Canada, is no more,with Quebec separatists, Western alienation and Atlantic disaffection we must heed the call that we never dared utter before but now must for the good of ourselves, our children and everythingwe hold scared and true, and that call is Independence. The time has come, Canada, a fine nation, is gone but a glorious new nation, Ontario, is waiting to be born, do not leave it in itsdead mothers womb to be buried with her, take the bold step, cut open that womb and release this new nation unto the world, this is a bold step, yes, but a step that must be taken if anything that we cherish is to be saved from the present situation. Join with me, take up the cause and letyour voices be raised in that call for your fellow Ontarians to hear and follow, raise up yourvoices in that word, that call, that rallying cry, raise up your voices and shout to the heavens andyour fellow man, INDEPENDENCE!- The Call for Independence.

Welcome to the Ontario Independence Homepage, a page dedicated to making Ontario a proud and independent nation in the world!

Victoria Day, Monday May 19th
Victoria Day is the day when we celebrate the birth of the Queen, this holiday was started before in Ontario, before the foundation of Canada, it celebrates our loyalist heritage, loyal we began and loyal we remain. Happy Victora Day!

Federal Election
Canada is having a federal election on June 2nd and the same old policies, from the same old parties are running in the same old way, no fresh ideas. Watch the Bloc Quebecois, the Tories may pick up some of their support but that dosn't mean anything, its the same old Mulroney Tories using separatists to gain power, remember the Federal Conservative party isn't like Mike Harris, its a bastion of old boy, Quebecois fixated, Red Tories. On election day vote, reject your ballot, show your displeasure with the crop of same-old, same-old and mabye we might get some message through.

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